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Set on a large wooden pier on the Linear Park, The West Deck overlooks the ocean with cruise ships and landing planes as added views. Its picturesque setting of powdery white sand with an azure Caribbean Sea as a backdrop is a plus for this casual eatery and bar. It is a great place to unwind over a few drinks and take in the stunning vistas. Get along your family or friends, or even a romantic date to nosh on delicious inspired Caribbean fare. These include the likes of Fried Funchi with Dutch Cheese, Sticky Glazed BBQ Ribs, Whole Pan-fried Pargito, Arashi Chicken, Island Coconut Shrimp, Bahamian Conch Fritters and West Indian Samosas.

Location:  Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard, Governor's Bay on the Beach

Business hours:  Mo-Su 10:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.