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Aqua Medical Spa invites you to look and feel your best as you approach your senior years. Their anti-aging non-medical treatments are designed to roll back the years and take care of those pesky complaints which can overwhelm a person's sense of self and self-esteem. Sagging jowls, rosacea, acne, moles and double chins are all taken to task at this spa, which also has offices in Toronto and London. Certified skin care specialists do an individual consultation and will treat your problem areas through such processes as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser facelifts, botox treatments, lip enhancement, and laser hair removal. If you cannot travel you can take advantage of their online service by providing photographs of yourself and having a physician-directed assessment of your situation. -Marsilyn Browne

Location:  1 - 11th Avenue Belleville, St. Michael