Fisherpond Great House

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One of Barbados' most authentic and historic dining experiences unfolds at the Fisherpond Great House on Sunday and Thursday afternoons. In a former plantation house that's been restored to its original splendour, the Chandler family has spared no expense in providing an unparalleled blend of Barbadian history, culture and cuisine.

Rum punch flows in the quiet, secluded nooks of a landscaped garden before lunch is served in the elegance of the main house, where each room has been set for a variety of group sizes. The decor includes historic paintings, photographs, furniture and china, as well as the original chandelier that once hung at historic Sam Lord's Castle.

Dress is casual and lunch includes a hearty Caribbean buffet of pepper pot, flying fish, macaroni pie and much more, all laid out beautifully on flower-laden tables. This is one spot not to miss.

Pricing: $$-$$$