Garfield Sobers Gymnasium

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Outdoor Activities

The Garfield Sobers Gymnasium is one of the sports facilities of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex. Opened in 1992, it was built by the government of Barbados as part of their strategic plan to develop sports tourism. Concessions are also offered to local sporting associations to encourage them to develop their sport by using the gymnasium. Volleyball, tennis, boxing, basketball, table tennis and martial arts are among the disciplines which utilize this facility. The facilities include dressing rooms, lockers, warm up rooms, a medical bay, and a fitness center which is open to the public. The facility also boasts two conference rooms. It is often in use for entertainment purposes, and many international artists have performed there, including John Legend, Fantasia and Patti Labelle. Marsilyn Browne

Location:  Wildey , St. Michael