St. Mary's Church

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Practical Information

St. Mary’s Anglican Church was erected in 1825 at Cheapside in Bridgetown, on the site on which the original St. Michael’s Cathedral was built in 1628. After the new cathedral was built in 1660, the site was referred to as the Old Churchyard, and was used by local government officials for their meetings. St. Mary’s was consecrated in 1827. It is of fine Georgian design, and its font was donated by John Montefiore, who also donated the Montefiore Fountain to the city of Bridgetown. St. Mary’s is still a very active church today. In its churchyard are laid to rest several notable persons, including national hero, Right Excellent Samuel Jackman Prescod, the first colored Member of Parliament in Barbados. - Marsilyn Browne

Location:  Cheapside, Bridgetown