Barracuda Grill

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Barracuda Grill

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Among the finest dining establishments in Hamilton, this seafood restaurant has collected numerous accolades. Patrons and critics alike rave about the exquisite menu and elegant ambiance. Using only the freshest ingredients, Barracuda Grill serves succulent dishes like white prawn ceviche and seared rockfish with coconut bamboo rice, as well as oysters and other raw options. Maine lobster is available year round, and Bermudian spiny lobster is on the menu from September to March. Those not in the mood for seafood can opt for alternatives like the chili and coffee-rubbed duck breast or bone-in rib eye. For dessert, indulge in treats like chocolate coulant, fondue for two, or an artisan cheese plate. Equally chic and comfortable, the ambiance at Barracuda Grill is accented by nautical decor, rounding out the experience at this splurge-worthy spot.

Location:  5 Burnaby Hill

Business hours:  Mo-Su 12:00 p.m.-11:30 p.m.