Bermuda Bistro at the Beach

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Bermuda Bistro at the Beach is Hamiltons live music and entertainment hotspot. Located alongside Hamilton Harbour, this bistro and bar brings to the table a variety of Bermudian delicacies and American treats that include salads, soups, burgers, sandwiches, seafood, steaks and much more. Some of the favorites are the fish sandwich, wahoo bites, ribs, wings, and calamari. As far as entertainment goes, there's something for everyone. A number of large flatscreen TV's all around mean you can enjoy your favorite sports, the in-house DJ spins some great tracks that will keep your feet tapping all night long or if you fancy, sit back and enjoy great live music. The staff and service are top notch and add to a memorable visit to Bermuda Bistro at the Beach.

Location:  103 Front Street

Business hours:  Mo-Su 9:00 a.m.-3:30 a.m.