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Buy a beach ball, sand pail and toys from a local dollar store. Then pack a picnic and head to any one of these kid-friendly beaches.

The water is very calm at Shelly Bay Beach, making it a top choice for families with little ones. The ocean is shallow here, even at high tide. The many trees nearby will provide a welcome leafy cover for an afternoon nap. When the kids get bored, there's also a great playground in the adjacent park.

On the beautiful South Shore, Horseshoe Bay Beach and Cove and Jobson's Cove are top child-friendly picks. The kids will enjoy the small protected bay at Jobson's Cove that feels more like a private swimming pool than a public beach. Horseshoe Bay also has a store where you can pick up t-shirts and other souvenirs. And both beaches have plenty of beach chairs and calm waters.

Locals tend to frequent John Smith's Bay Beach, which has a summertime lifeguard and snack wagon. This is also a great spot to watch the children play in the waves, and the shallows are good for snorkelling.

If your tweens and teens are more interested in bodysurfing, the beaches along the South Shore are best. Horseshoe Bay Beach has some fun waves, as does Jobson's Cove and Surf Side Beach.

Age group: all ages