Snorkel with fish and other creatures of the deep

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Snorkel right off the beach in crystal clear waters brimming with parrotfish, angelfish, Bermuda chub, groupers, turtles and maybe even an octopus or two.

The amenity-packed Royal Naval Dockyard's Snorkel Park is fun for the whole family, although it can get crowded with cruise passengers. An onsite playground adds to the fun.

Limestone formations off the shore of the St. George's Tobacco Bay Beach provide a natural haven for parrotfish and sergeant majors, amongst others, making for some of the best snorkelling around. This calm bay is also great for kids and those who aren't strong swimmers. Most beaches offer snorkel rentals on site.

Snorkelling is also good along the South Shore wherever big rocks protrude from the ocean.

Age group: age 8 and up