Tamarisk Restaurant & Dining Room

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Part of the reputable Cambridge Beaches resort in Somerset Village, the Tamarisk Restaurant & Dining Room has been ranked among the finest dining establishments in Bermuda by critics like Food & Wine magazine. Large sliding glass doors open to an outdoor terrace and panoramic views of Mangrove Bay at this breathtaking restaurant, which promises both a mouthwatering meal and gorgeous scenery. The menu celebrates local flavors from the mainland to the smaller surrounding islands, offering dishes like charred endive salad and overnight braised oxtail in the past. Dinner is a more formal affair at the Tamarisk Restaurant & Dining Room, so be sure to mind to the elegant casual dress code before partaking in the experience.

Location:  30 Kings Point Road, Cambridge Beaches

Business hours:  Mo-Su 7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.