Tom Moore's Tavern

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Tom Moore's Tavern


Built as a private home in 1652, this stately tavern is among the oldest and most renowned restaurants in Bermuda. Cedar walls and numerous fireplaces set a luxurious yet comfortable scene, and the lush surroundings contribute to the beautiful evening you're bound to have at Tom Moore's Tavern. The restaurant has served many cuisines over the years, but since 1985, it has specialized in gourmet French and Italian dishes. Main courses might include delicacies like roast quail with fig and forcemeat stuffing or potato-crusted salmon in a dijon-goat cheese sauce. For dessert, you'll find indulgent treats like dark chocolate tart and light banana mousse cake, all made in-house. Alongside a comprehensive wine list, Tom Moore's Tavern also offers ports, cognacs, and liqueurs to pair with your sweet order. Make a memory at this time-honored restaurant next time you have a special occasion to celebrate.

Location:  7 Walsingham Lane

Business hours:  Mo-Su 6:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m.