Jimmy Eat World, Cold War Kids

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Defining the late 1990s indie rock sound, Arizona based foursome Jimmy Eat World started making music in a more punk vein in 1993 before slightly commercializing its sound for the alternative--but not too alternative--teenagers of the country. After signing to Capitol records and releasing the hit single "Bleed American," the band began to receive mainstream attention, but impressively still managed to hang onto its underground indie fans. However, once the emocore indie scene started to fade in the mid-2000s, Jimmy Eat World began releasing overly slick, commercial rock and shed the remainder of its underground followers. Though the band probably should have quit while it was ahead, Jimmy Eat World continues to tour worldwide, managing to sell out many venues.

Location:  MacEwan Hall, 2500 University Drive Northwest, MacEwan Conference & Event Centre, University of Calgary

Date:  Sep 7, 2018 9 p.m.