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Located in the heart of the resort zone on Cayo Coco sits a stunning resort overlooking the deep aquamarine waters of the Caribbean. It features five saltwater pools of varying temperatures and a Jacuzzi tub. Jets installed in the sides of the pools and under a number of specially built lounge chairs inside the pools offer guests a relaxing massage.

Acuavida offers a wide variety of treatments, from bubble baths with wine, milk or essential oils to decadent chocolate treatments, including peels, wraps and massages. They all feature luxurious products from Germaine de Cappuccini, a Spanish luxury brand.

Treatments here usually come in bundles. For example, the popular Cleopatra package includes time in a steam room, a foaming "Cleopatra" bath in a jetted tub and a 50-minute full-body massage with foot reflexology. If you're tired and stressed out, the "Get Rid of Stress" treatment offers a 30-minute massage, an anti-stress reflexology treatment, a hydro-massage, and a mud therapy treatment which uses natural products taken from the nearby sea.

There's no restaurant on the premises but an outdoor bar serving up standard Caribbean concoctions (mojitos, daiquiris, piña coladas) will keep you well hydrated. All treatments include the use of the pools and hammocks on the property. You may even be tempted to grab yourself a beverage and hang around long after your treatment is complete. Local tour operators organize daily excursions to this popular spa which include transportation and treatment.

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