Estatua Che y Niño

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One of the iconic figures of history worldwide, Che Guevara needs no introduction and certainly not in Cuba where he is still revered. Santa Clara was the first city that was freed by the rebels led by Che and the turning point in the Cuban Revolution. Estatua Che y Niño or the Statue of Che Guevara Holding a Child is one such monument that shouldn't be missed. A little away from the Armored Train Monument, this intricate, life-sized image of the revolutionary leader carrying a child is indeed a work of art by dedicated artists. Besides the detailed features of Che, you will find other interesting facets linked to Che's life in the entire sculpture. These include the motorbike on his boot, a child on a goat on his right shoulder and a girl looking out on his left ribcage.

Location:  Avenida Liberación