Restaurante Hostal La Casona Jover

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Restaurante Hostal La Casona Jover is a quaint Cuban restaurant within the Hostal La Casona Jover. This establishment is a family owned business and the food is cooked using ancestral recipes and has a delicious home made, traditional Cuban style to it. They serve a variety of seafood and meats that you can request to customize based on your palate. The honey chicken, which is their speciality, is perfectly cooked. The honey gives it a sweet flavor which is perfectly balanced by the acidity of the lemon and pineapple and is definitely a must try. The food and drinks are reasonably priced, the service is prompt and efficient and the staff are really friendly as well making this restaurant a must visit when in Santa Clara.

Location:  167 Calle Colón, Hostal La Casona Jover