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Outdoor Activities

Victoria Park occupies a charming swathe of land along the waterfront in the city of Charlottetown, a wedge of wilderness in the midst of the city. The land on which the park stands was originally a 40-hectare (100-acre) property belonging to Governor Edmund Fanning known as Fanning Bank Farm. In 1873, part of the estate was donated to the city by Governor William Cleaver Francis Robinson for the creation of a public park. Walking trails traverse the wooded terrain, while a harbor-front promenade embraces the shore. At the heart of it all is the Deadman's Pond that is rumored to be bottomless. For recreation, the park features baseball diamonds, a swimming pool, a splash pad, and playgrounds. Spectacular views of the harbor can be had from the waterfront at Victoria Park.

Location:  21-29 Victoria Park Driveway, Queens Square