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Columbia, South Carolina is one of the United States' first planned cities, originally laid out in an orderly grid of 400 square blocks of half acre lots in a two mile area along the Congaree River. Navigating this logically designed city should be a tourist's delight, even if you are directionally challenged.

The famously wide avenues of downtown Columbia have recently been revitalized and beautified from the Congaree Vista area toward the river. Columbia's variety of well-preserved historical sites also draw many tourists each year. Civil War historians will not want to miss visiting the First Baptist Church, the site of the vote which unanimously caused South Carolina to secede from the union. The story behind the Church survival while a third of Columbia burned during the war is a matter of local folklore. Other notable buildings on the National Register of Historic Places include the restored Confederate Printing Plant which distributed partisan literature during the war.

Columbia was specifically chosen as the capital of South Carolina based on its central location in the state, working to bridge the social and geographic regions of the up country and low country. This gives the area a blend of two distinct cultures encompassing the up country's legacy as a centre for commerce in the south, and the low country's cotton-based textile production, and unique cuisine.

Low country cuisine is influenced by Afro-Caribbean cooking and draws several parallels with nearby Cajun cooking in Louisiana. Visitors will be able to sample gumbo, catfish stew, crabs and oysters. Those willing to look a little harder will find local Cooter (turtle) soup.

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Columbia generally sees mild winters, early springs and warm autumns. The summer time can be quite hot and humid. Long periods with temperatures below freezing are rare but do occur during the winter time.


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