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Paradise Beach

Bars & Cafes



If relaxation is your objective, or if you're in the mood for sun, sand and surf, or if you're just yearning for a pina colada, the beach club at Paradise Beach is the spot you're seeking. Friendly staff serves you on the beach or in the bars and restaurant, offering cold beer, cocktails and soft drinks, as well as delicious food from the extensive menu. You can also jet ski, try the Spacewalker bungee or have a relaxing massage. There are also other fun toys like the water trampoline, the climbing iceberg, kayaks, floating sun mats and lots of water toys for kids and teens. Changing rooms, clean bathrooms and showers are available as well.

Location:  Carretera Colombia de Santos Cozumel

Business hours:  Mo-Su 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.