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What is now the United States Mint in Denver actually began as a humble, private one. In 1858, Clark, Gruber and Company started a private mint, making gold coins from the spoils of the Colorado gold rush in order to save on shipping the ore to the east coast. After minting over 500,000 dollars, the US Treasury officially bought the mint in 1863. Today, the mint is a popular tourist destination in Denver, lending insights into the stages of currency-making and what goes into the entire process. One of the oldest establishments in Colorado, the mint is touted to be one of the single largest producers of coins in the world. The mint is certainly an iconic repository of American currency, and all currency produced here has the denomination 'D' inscribed on it. Having been considerably mentioned in popular media, Denver Mint is an indelible historic landmark of the country.

Location:  320 West Colfax Avenue, Between Delaware and Cherokee Streets