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Dublin Castle symbolized English rule for 700 years, ever since the Anglo-Normans built their fortress on this site. Later, the castle was to serve as the headquarters of the English-appointed Viceroy of Ireland. It was not until 1922 that it was finally handed over to the Irish Free State. The castle's state apartments shelter opulent, wonderfully-decorated rooms, while carpets of rolling, formal gardens lend it an alluring aura. Sheltered within the castle's fabric are insignia and collectibles of historical interest, like a stately throne donated by King William of Orange and a variety of banners of the now-disbanded Knights of St Patrick. The Castle is very much a working series of buildings: it is used for State functions, and many government agencies are based here. Alongside, it forges a synergy of history and art, hosting an array of exhibitions centered around the same. The castle grounds are also home to the magnificent Chapel Royal and the splendid Chester Beatty Library. A window into the country's monumental, medieval past, this mighty castle is, indeed, one of the most priceless possessions of Dublin.

Location:  Dublin Castle

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