O'Connell Street Rejuvenation - The Spire of Dublin

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Lording over the bustling O'Connell Street , the 'Monument of Light' is like a soaring needle striving to meet the heavens above. Symbolizing the true spirit of contemporary Dublin, the Spire pierces through clear blue skies during the day, and is an effervescent canopy of sparkling steel come night. Boasting a textured base, this upward-tapering pillar is skirted by a troupe of historic and passersby gaze in awe at its sheer might and enormity. Its imposing visage dominating the city's skyline, the monumental Spire of Dublin is an incredible representation of Dublin's burgeoning urban and technological tenor. Ever since its inception, the Spire has also been a recipient of an array of accolades.

Location:  O'Connell Street