Athabasca River

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The Athabasca River finds its origins at the foot of the Athabasca Glacier from where it flows across Alberta and finally empties into Lake Athabasca, a staggering 1538 kilometers (956 miles) away. Along the way, the river carves a path across mountains, grasslands and forests, serving as a source of sustenance for the native flora and fauna at every point along its course. Through history, the river has played an important role in the exploration and early development of the Canadian West. The first trade post was established along its banks in 1778 by Peter Pond, which in turn gave impetus to further exploration. In later years, the river would serve as a transportation route linking the province to the Northern reaches of the continent. Even before colonial settlement, the river was plied by the native tribes who fished its waters and hunted along its shores. Today, the Athabasca River near Fort McMurray is a popular choice for fishing and other recreational pursuits.

Location:  Athabasca River