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One of the city's more upscale restaurants, the North Bar & Grill is favored by those of discerning taste. The contemporary restaurant serves up a delicious selection of American, Asian and Canadian dishes, with a contemporary twist and oodles of flavor. Grab a drink at the bar and enjoy it alongside scrumptious snacks like the smoked chicken wings, yam fries and Asian calamari, or tuck into a fresh salad if you're in the mood for lighter fare. For a more hearty meal, treat yourself to delicacies like the NY steak or the roasted sockeye with prawns, or casual, contemporary eats like sandwiches, tacos, quesedillas and burgers, alongside a fine selection of wine and beer. Paired with exceptional service, the North is a favored choice for a formal meal, or even just a drink after work.

Location:  9830 100 Avenue, Northern Grand Hotel

Business hours:  Mo-Fr 5:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.