Lighthouse on the Green

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Few attractions in Fredericton offer such well-rounded sightseeing - one where you can both take in panoramic views of the St John River, as well as tuck in a hearty meal, and top it off with delicious ice cream. Which is why, the Lighthouse on the Green occupies such a special place in the city. Owned previously by the city, the lighthouse was sold to the Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel Fredericton, sometime in 2013. In spite of its private affiliation, visitors can still run up to the lighthouse's observation deck, where incredible, uninterrupted views of the river await. Kids can also pay a visit to the Saint John River Play & Learn Exhibit, before they grab a splendid barbecue lunch with their family, at the lighthouse restaurant. The opening hours of the lighthouse vary as per season.

Location:  615 Queen Street