Odell Park

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Outdoor Activities

Shrouded by 400-year old trees, the Odell Park sprawls over an area of 175 hectares (432 acres), inviting visitors to picnic, stroll, play, or simply watch the world go by. The interiors of this park feature well-groomed walking trails that are lined by a dense thicket of trees, as well a tranquil waterfowl pond ideal for quiet contemplation. Children can frolic and play in the large playground inside the park, and one can see families even picnicking here on weekends. Come winter, the park turns into an outdoor wonderland, offering snowy slopes perfect for skiing and tobogganing. The upper reaches of the park are reserved for the colorful Fredericton Botanic Gardens, where rhododendrons and azaleas take bloom. Besides, the Odell Arboretum and the New Brunswick Species Collection are also housed within this sprawling park.

Location:  Hanwell Road