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Dionne Warwick is a living legend in the world of vocal pop, R&B and soul. Though she was brought up in a New Jersey gospel music household in the 1940s, her attention drifted toward jazzier leanings, inspired by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn. Over the decades however, Warwick's versatility and unwillingness to be pinned down to one style have emerged as her real trademarks. In the 1960s, she teamed up with the prolific songwriter Burt Bacharach, who penned songs that she would turn into smash hits. The two's successful partnership yielded a number of chart-topping singles such as "Walk On By" and "Say a Little Prayer" that have since gone on to become pop vocal standards. In more recent years, Warwick has turned to a number of business ventures and a makeup line to coincide with her still in-demand performance schedule.

Location:  SEC Armadillo, Exhibition Way, SEC Center

Date:  Sep 22, 2018 6:30 p.m.