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This former church got its name from the public weighing machine which was located outside. The steeple is all that remains of the original 16th-century church as the rest was destroyed by members of the Hellfire Club in 1793. The Tron Kirk was built the same year to replace this and is now the Tron Theater. It's mostly used by touring companies but also hosts in-house productions and collaborations. The Tron prides itself on presenting music, contemporary dance and drama, comedy, children's shows and workshops. In addition to the main theater, the complex has a studio theater for smaller productions. Both are splendid venues with distinct warmth and friendliness. A stylish restaurant is recommended for food before performances and there's a bar for interval refreshments.

Location:  63 Trongate

Business hours:  Su-Sa 10:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m.