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Located in the luxurious Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, this Michelin-rated restaurant is a culinary wonder led by renowned chef Eric Ripert. His seafood-heavy creations delicately blend bold, seasonal flavors with skilled techniques to make every dish a sumptuous experience. Blue by Eric Ripert offers both tasting and a la carte menus, as well as child-friendly options for young diners. In the past, dishes have included treats like scallop slivers with iberico ham chutney, braised pork cheek with red onion confit, and butter-poached lobster with edamame, wonton, and lobster-ginger consommé. Indulge in the Blue by Eric Ripert experience and you're guaranteed a meal you'll never forget.

Location:  West Bay Road, The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

Business hours:  Tu-Sa 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.