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Outdoor Activities

One of the most famous diving destinations in the world, Stingray City's clear azure waters in the North Sound of the Cayman Islands have been the most popular gathering sites for southern stingrays. Made up of a series of shallow sandbars, the 'city' is swarming with abundant shoals of these genteel, dorsal-backed creatures. It all started when a few fisherman started dumping unwanted pieces of their catches – typically squid and fish gut – overboard for the fish to eat. Over time, clever stingrays learned to congregate at the spot for a guaranteed meal. Later, divers stumbled upon this organized location, and several others flocked to glimpse the rather tame stingrays in their natural habitat. Today, droves of experience-hungry tourists throng the waters of Stingray City to pet and play with these marine creatures.

Location:  Stingray City, Seven Mile Beach