Good food should comfort and excite, and the food served at Acropolis does just that. This local Mediterranean restaurant serves up authentic Greek cuisine, made from scratch using traditional recipes and oodles of love. The ambiance is lively and full of cheer, with friendly staff who are happy to help out with recommendations to suit your taste. Savor classic Greek specialties like spanakopita, moussaka and donair, with a shot of ouzo to get the meal started and a serving of baklava to finish on a sweet note. The roast lamb is a house specialty that should not be missed, although no matter what you call for, Acropolis will not disappoint. Generous, fresh and flavorful, dinner at the Acropolis is a true taste of the Mediterranean.

Location:  10011 101 Avenue

Business hours:  Tu-Sa 4:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m.