Muskoseepi Park

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Outdoor Activities

Running through the core of Grande Prairie, Muskoseepi Park is a sprawling corridor of green that is home to a variety of attractions. From the edifying experiences offered by the Grande Prairie Museum and Heritage Village, to recreational facilities like bowling greens, disc gold, volleyball courts, trails, a skate park and a dog park, Muskoseepi Park is the heart of the city's local scene. Those who enjoy the outdoors can camp at the Rotary Campground or visit the iconic Trumpeter Swans at Crystal Lake, while the amphitheater is a great place to attend an outdoor concert. Various cultural and community events, as well as festivals, fairs and holiday celebrations are also hosted at the park. With six distinct areas, each with a unique offer of its own, Muskoseepi Park is home to a varied landscape of eclectic delights.

Location:  102 Avenue