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Noble is the quintessential speakeasy with a secret password and an escort to enter and leave the lounge. The bar itself is well hidden in the basement of The Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar, and requires you to go through a network of underground passages and tunnels before you arrive at Noble. The password is a quirky phrase that changes every week and is posted on their social media websites. If you succeed in getting in, prepare yourself to be dazzled by bartender Jenner Cormier's cocktails, while you enjoy the soft piano and jazz music playing in the background. Try blends such as Beet It made from beet juice, and Depth Charge with burnt orange peel, Lillet Blanc, gin and absinthe. Other cocktails include Adam’s Apple, a concoction of sweet vermouth, ginger wine and amber rum. In keeping with the theme of a speakeasy, this bar has a candlestick phone dating back to 1895 and an Ice-O-Mat from the mid 20th-century.

Location:  1559 Barrington Street