Zedd, Black Tiger Sex Machine

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Zedd is the electro house moniker of Russian-German producer/DJ Anton Zaslavski. His musical career began early, as his parents started him on piano lessons starting at the age of just four. As he grew up, he developed a passion for electronic dance music and began to produce his own material in 2009. His rise to prominence in the electronic community was meteoric and bolstered by his winning of an Armand Van Helden remix contest. This sudden success has spring-boarded into collaborations and remixes with some pop and electronic dance community brass, such as Lady Gaga, Skrillex and Black Eyed Peas. His bouncy and feel good electro house material should continue to find its way into the club and festival circuits for years to come.

Location:  Rebel, 11 Polson Street

Date:  Oct 26, 2018 10 p.m.