La Parriallada de la Musica

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Enjoy a range of Caribbean and Cuban local and seafood dishes at La Parriallada de la Musica. Set in a spacious venue, in the style of a beach shack, the restaurant boasts of wooden furnishings and dim lights, the restaurant is perfect for both couples and large groups. As for the food, the BBQ Chicken Brochette, Enchilado and Roasted Salmon are some of the local favorites on the menu. Call for an Orange Ice Cream to complement the savory flavors of the meal or drink up the various wine and rum specialities from the bar menu. Irrespective of what you order, your taste buds are going to be delighted with the delicious offerings. If you are in the mood to dig into hearty local flavors, then bring along your group and certainly head to La Parriallada de la Musica.

Location:  253 Fomento, Frexes y Aguilera