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Set in a cozy place, Restaurante El Aldabon is often chosen by the patrons wishing to indulge themselves in some authentic Cuban meals. Set in a rustic space, the decor involves wooden tables and quirky designs and messages from past diners on the walls. The food here is served in three courses that include starters, main course and desserts. Besides local Cuban and Caribbean dishes, one can also find pastas, pizzas and a smattering of seafood dishes on the menu. Compliment your meal with a glass of chilled beer. The service here is quick and the staff is quite friendly and knowledgable about the menu. If you are in the mood to treat yourself with some delicious food, do so by dining out at Restaurante El Aldabon.

Location:  81 Mártires

Business hours:  Mo-Su 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.