Lil B


Bay Area rapper Lil B is known to many as a member of break-out teen rap group The Pack whose track "Vans" was an instant hit. Since the success of The Pack, Lil B has become a success in his own right, largely due to his prolific internet presence and tireless musical output. Lil B's following has become nothing short of frenzied, highly loyal, and somewhat perplexing in the case of music critics. Lil B calls himself "The Based God," a reference to "Based music" and the genre he claims to have pioneered. Lil B is the only one operating within this genre so far, although a Based philosophy is even more important to Lil B and his followers, a philosophy that includes positivity and being yourself. Lil B's rapping style is best described as stream-of-consciousness, constantly free-associating between the comprehensible and the absurd. Lil B released an album titled Rain In England in the fall of 2010, one of dozens of releases, both free and not. The album contains no beats, only synthesizers, all of which are produced by Lil B and then rapped over in a spoken-word style.

Location:  White Oak Music Hall, 2915 North Main Street, Near Northside

Date:  Aug 2, 2018 8 p.m.