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Cafe Juanita is a quaint little cafe on the marina and a short walk from Bahia Chahue beach that is very popular with the locals as well as visiting tourists. The cafe has a traditional Mexican decor reflected by the art on the walls and green wood tables and chairs. The highlight of this diner is its location where you can enjoy the serenity of the calm blue waters of the marina, while you munch on fabulous Mexican and Spanish food. Breakfast includes delicious freshly made hot cakes and choice of eggs. From the lunch menu the flank steak in chilli sauce and the coconut shrimp are excellent. The prices are reasonable and the service is warm, welcoming and friendly.

Location:  Off Boulevard Benito Juarez, Marina Chahue Local 2

Business hours:  Tu 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m., We-Su 8:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m.