El Sabor de Oaxaca

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One of the best places in town to relish Oaxacan cuisine is El Sabor de Oaxaca. It has a rustic elegance to it that is appealing to the eyes. Savor authentic dishes like Plato Oaxaqueño (Oaxacan meat filet, Oaxacan cheese, chili pork meat, avocado sauce, black mole, stuffed chili and chorizo), Tlayudas (innards of your choice, chorizo, Oaxacan filet, pork and cheese), Amarillo con pollo (yellow mole with chicken) and pork skin with sauce. Complement your meal with cold beer.

Location:  206 Avenida Guamuchil, Las Crucesitas

Business hours:  Mo-Su 7:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.