Ciclopista de Ixtapa

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Outdoor Activities

Explore Ixtapa in a one-of-a-kind manner as you hop on cycles and mingle with like-minded enthusiasts on the Ciclopista de Ixtapa. This three meter (9.84 feet) wide route spanning eight kilometers (4.97 miles) not only takes you by the marina and a golf course, but cyclists can also stop at Aztlan park to catch sight of crocodiles, iguanas and even some exotic birds. Not only does a day on the Ciclopista de Ixtapa allow you to have a great time at pocket-friendly prices, but the well-paved routes also makes it quite safe for children. Whether you are in the mood to explore the city, wish to spend quality time with the family or are simply looking for a fun-filled day, head to Ciclopista de Ixtapa for a memorable time.

Location:  Paseo de las Garzas