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Recognized by Conde Nast as one of the best spas in Mexico, El Capricho invites you to luxuriate in tranquil confines by the ocean. The spa blends age-old Mexican traditions with contemporary style to create a safe haven where worldly worries hold no sway over your body and mind. Pamper your senses with signature treatments inspired by the nation's rich heritage and regional bounty, combining fruit and herbs for spa services that enchant the mind, enliven the soul and rejuvenate the body. A blend of indoor and outdoor treatment areas make the most of the spa's waterfront location at the Capella Resort, creating an environment that is rife with the soothing aroma of Toronjil and fragrant sea breezes. The offer is completed by impeccable service and spectacular ocean-front views of unmatched beauty.

Location:  Paseo Playa Linda, Capella Ixtapa