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Isla de Ixtapa is a popular place for scuba diving, sea fishing and other water sports. You can only access this island through a water-taxi. Dotted with several eateries that are also snorkeling shops, it might become a bit difficult to know which one is the best. Stretched across Playa Varadero to Playa Coral, Lili Cipriani is among the top of the lot and is run by a mother-daughter duo. If you love seafood, this is the place to be. Don't go by its rustic decor and sandy floors. The fish is fresh from the ocean and is cooked on open fire either on wooden grills or huge clay vessels. Tell them how you want your seafood, grilled, fried or curried. Don't forget to try the crowd favorite - coconut shrimp. You will find plenty of fresh fish just caught from the net to choose from. Relish your chosen seafood and take a sip of pina colada as the wind brings in some salty air. Take in the view of the ocean and the waves rolling by or just go snorkeling before a seafood fiesta.

Location:  Playa Varadero and Playa Coral, Isla de Ixtapa