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Opened in 1986 as Jack Daniel’s, then changing it to Cactus Jack’s Saloon and finally settling as CJ’s Nightclub in 2012, this downtown venue has been an entertainment staple for decades in one form or the other. What was once a real cowboy haunt for art battles and country music, it still holds true to its roots - entertaining acts. CJ's Nightclub is not only a popular live music club but also a nightclub with rotating DJs, theme parties and more. They also host comedy acts and private events. Today you will find a wide genre of music being played live at this place. Drop in for foot-tapping time at CJ’s Nightclub.

Location:  130 5th Avenue

Business hours:  Th 9:30 p.m.-2:00 a.m., Fr-Sa 9:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m.