Blue Mountains

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Jamaica's longest mountain range ascends high above lush plantain groves and the four parishes that skirt its foothills – Portland, St. Thomas, St. Mary and St. Andrew. The summit of Blue Mountain Peak forms the topmost crest of the titular mountain range, towering at an altitude of 2256 meters (7402 feet) above the range's smaller peaks. Thick swirls of clouds descend to meet the mountains from their heavenly realm, shrouding the mountain range in a blue color gradient that lends it its poetic title. The mountains represent one of the oldest features of the Jamaican landscape, having risen from the folds of the earth somewhere during the Cretaceous Period nearly 65 million years ago. Today, its verdant slopes are home to the world's second-largest butterfly and a wealth of endemic flora that carpets its sides in cheerful bloom. The mountains also contribute a great deal to Jamaica's famous coffee economy. The widely marketed Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is cultivated on the mountain's middle reaches, while its topmost reaches are cloaked in overgrown woodlands.

Location:  Off Route B1