La Mesa de Monique y Andre

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La Mesa de Monique y Andre is a unique dining experience that is quite unlike anything offered by the capital city's many restaurants. Make a reservation to dine at Monique and Andre's home in Liberia where the couple serves up an ever-changing, seven-course meal prepared using French cooking techniques and seasonal, local ingredients. The only constant on the menu is Andre's sublime, special shrimp, although repeat guests are welcome to request specific dishes they may have enjoyed on a previous visit. The meal begins with a welcome drink shared with Monique and Andre followed by one course after another of exquisite French cuisine, each paired with fine wine that perfectly complements the food. The couple caters to only one group at a time, with a minimum of four members. Reservations are a must and highly coveted so be sure to plan ahead; this is one dining experience you definitely do not want to miss when visiting Liberia.

Location:  16 Malinche, Behind Hotel El Sitio