Papagayo Peninsula

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Outdoor Activities

From luxurious eco-resorts to pristine beaches and undisturbed forests, Papagayo Peninsula is a paradise of pleasures just a short drive away from the city of Liberia. The peninsula juts out into the Pacific Ocean, its coast speckled with sandy beaches and scenic coves that are ideal for indulgence in a host of water sports including sailing, fishing, snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving. The forests of Papagayo are no less delightful, home to diverse flora and fauna, and riddled with hiking trails as well as opportunities to embark on a canopy tour. Apart from the natural bounty of this teeming landscape, Papagayo Peninsula is also home to the world renown Four Seasons and the Andaz Papagayo Resorts, as well as several other luxury, eco-resorts and gated communities. Visit Papagayo Peninsula for a walk on the wild side and a taste of Costa Rica's luxurious best.

Location:  Off Highway 253