The oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai certainly looks prehistoric. With endless jungles that seem to be about to reclaim whatever headway man has made on the island, it is one of the wilder islands in the Pacific. Often called the Garden Isle, the name Kauai is thought to come from the legendary explorer Hawai'iloa's love for his son; the name is thought to refer to Hawai'iloa holding his son close. Visitors to the island can partake in any number of activities, from beachcombing, to jungle trekking, to feasting on the local and delicious fresh ahi poke. Among its many natural attractions, the sheer sea cliffs, tumbling waterfalls and emerald waters of the Na Pali Coast and the 3000-foot (914-meter) dramatic gorges of the Waimea Canyon stand out for their astounding natural beauty and invite visitors to experience the nature's majesty.

Location:  Kauai