Stevenson's Library

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Stevenson's Library

Photo credit: Lottie Tagupa

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At apart from the scenic locales, you can participate in fun and adventurous aqua sports in the Koloa city. After a day filled with activities, reward yourself with a sumptuous meal at the Stevenson's Library. Housed in the royal Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa, it serves freshly prepared Sushi and Sashimi. The elegant decor has a Victorian influence. Vodka and martini serve as perfect accompaniment. Soft tones of the jazz music, playing in the back-drop sets the perfect mood for dining.

Location:  1571 Poipu Road, Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa

Business hours:  Mo-Su 6:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.