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Bar Italia

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Bar Italia is the most famous all-night cafe in London and has been a cornerstone of Soho nightlife since 1949. Located at the junction of Frith and Old Compton Street, a never-ending stream of Soho characters makes it the place for late-night people watching. Busy by day, it gets manic after midnight with a seemingly endless queue of night-time revelers on a quest for coffee. Inside is the definition of bustling, with staff shouting orders across the counter, the banging and pressing of the coffee, the sound of steam and fast moving china, and coffees arriving with military precision. Crowds spill out onto the street which is often buzzing with flash motorbikes whose riders use the cafe as a meeting point.

Location:  22 Frith Street

Business hours:  Mo-Su 12:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.