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Books for Cooks


Stacked with books on anything from 'Old Polish Culinary Traditions' to 'Two Fat Ladies', Books for Cooks is guaranteed to leave you salivating. Pick up their seasonal newsletter which lists cookery classes taught by famous chefs. The classes are wonderful and you get to sample each perfectly cooked dish before washing everything down with a glass of Corney & Barrow wine. It is definitely worth taking a morning off work for this. If that is impossible, they have a few Saturday afternoon classes and summer courses in Tuscany. Book (by post, email or fax only) immediately though, since they go like hot cakes as there's only room for a maximum of twenty. The kitchen/cafe serves lunch and tea but can only accommodate very small groups.

Location:  4 Blenheim Crescent

Business hours:  Tu-Sa 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.