Brompton Oratory

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Brompton Oratory


Practical Information

This Roman Catholic church is a fine example of the 19th century Baroque architecture. Officially called the London Oratory of St Philip Neri, it is run by the Oratorian order, which was founded by St Philip Neri. The first Catholic church to be built in London after the Reformation devastation, Brompton Oratory was not allowed to externally resemble a traditional church and had to be set back from the road. That said, it is a splendid church for both visits and worship. The side chapels with marble statues are beautiful, as are the elaborate Lady Chapel and the wooden Pieta. Look heavenwards to the fabulous domed nave of this resilient structure. The 11a Latin High Mass on Sundays is celebrated with a full professional choir. If you join in, remember that this is a place of worship. You'll want to dress modestly, observe a respectful silence, and switch off your cell phone when inside.

Location:  Brompton Road